bespoke podcasts

We work closely with you to decide the best format from a variety of options available. These range from a panel discussion around your campaign, to a highly crafted documentary or a sharp, insightful scripted message. We can also create a podcast from recordings of a live event you are hosting or even a guided audio tour of your gallery or space. We have over ten years experience of producing in all formats so can understand when each is most suitable.

audio mastering


By keeping up to date with emerging technologies, Far Beyond Media remain at the forefront of audio production. We are able to deliver cutting-edge, high-impact solutions time after time.  As well as ensuring the podcast we have made with you is of the highest possible sound quality, we are can also put the finishing touches to podcasts or audio programmes you have created yourself. Far Beyond Media also have a strong track record in creating jingles and imaging around campaigns.



With a large number of communication methods and channels available in the modern world, choosing the right ones to attract and retain listeners is critical. Far Beyond Media have a proven record of helping clients meet their marketing objectives by implementing the right solution for their needs.

We make the right choices to ensure your podcast is placed in the correct channels, maximising your potential audience.